10 Unique Father’s Day Gifts He’ll Love

10 Unique Father’s Day Gifts He’ll Love

Great Gifts Ideas for the Dads in your Life

Poor Dad. When Mother’s Day rolls around, we pull out all the stops — brunches, bracelets, flowers, and fanfare. But Dad? Well, Father’s Day celebrations tend to be more low-key —a card, a “World’s Best Dad” mug, or a gag gift like that Big Mouth Billy Bass that was so popular back in the aughts. (Sorry, Dad!)

And, of course, there’s the top Father’s Day gift, the tie. The necktie is to Father’s Day as breakfast in bed is to Mother’s Day, despite only 27% of men hoping for clothing as a gift this June.

It’s not like dads aren’t super important. In fact, the whole reason we celebrate Father’s Day in the U.S. is because of a pretty amazing dad, William Jackson Smart. A Civil War vet and father of 14, Smart was tragically widowed twice. After his second wife died in childbirth, Smart raised his six youngest children, whose ages ranged from newborn to 16, by himself.

Smart’s daughter, Sonora Smart Dodd, was attending a Mother’s Day church service when she had a revelation: if moms deserved a day of gratitude for all they do, then dad did, too. “He was both father and mother to me and my brothers and sisters,” she said years later of her truly incredible single dad. (We’re not crying, there’s something in our eye.)

What do you get the man who taught you how to ride a bike, walked you down the aisle, cracks you up with the corniest jokes known to man? How do you show your dad how much he means to you? Not with a singing fish!

And what about the other men in your life, like the grandpas, stepdads, husbands, brothers, and sons who are putting all kinds of good fatherhood energy out into the world?

Clearly, the day calls for an extra special effort. Finding the perfect Father’s Day gift doesn’t have to be hard; it just has to be from the heart. And with three in four dads saying they’d prefer an experience with loved ones over a physical gift, it’s time to get imaginative with our Father’s Day gift ideas.

The best way to approach finding a Father’s Day gift for dad is to think about what he enjoys, things he likes to do, and stuff he needs —think Beer, BBQ, and Beards.

Beer-Good Times

What dad doesn’t like an ice-cold one after mowing the lawn or while watching the game? Consider a gift that deepens his enjoyment of beer and spirits.


Help your guy go from Joe Six-Pack to a true hops and barley connoisseur with some fascinating books all about beer. Some titles we like:

Don’t stop there; remember dads want an experience, not just a gift. Try making sure his favorite reading area stays clear of clutter with an easy-to-install bookshelf, like this one.


The shelf is handsome and functional. Short on space? Look to the walls and add these floating shelves instead to let your burgeoning brew master easily see his new library of beer books.

Perfect for: Brother, Uncle, Stepdad


Level up his enjoyment with new drinkware. Different glasses bring out different flavors in beers. Taste and smell work in tandem and a beer’s aroma bubbles off and dissipates in wide-mouth drinkware like Solo cups or pint glasses. Try a tulip-shaped glass to taste the real flavor of a good beer.

Don’t cram these new glasses in the kitchen cupboard. Use a bar cart; it keeps your glassware organized and ready to go and it’s a great way for the big guy to display his new collection.

Metal & Wood Bar Cart in Living Room with Liquor Bottles and Glasses

You can also use the cart to turn a gift of beer into a fun experience. Set up a flight of beers. Beer flights are small servings of various beers for the purpose of tasting the intricacies of different beers’ flavor.

Start off light with a lager or pale ale and then work up to a stout or triple IPA. Sláinte!

Perfect for: Dad, Husband


Beer experts agree: the most important determinant of a beer’s taste is temperature. But celebrating dad’s day doesn’t mean being stuck in the kitchen next to the refrigerator. Keep beer cold with a large, durable beverage tub.

We like mDesign’s bronze beverage tub with handles. It’s deep enough to pack with ice and portable so you can take it out on the deck for Father’s Day revelry.

Perfect for: Son, Grandpa

BBQ-Good Eats

You’ll want to take your refreshing beverages outside because that’s where the grill is. Everyone knows dads love to barbecue. Skip the “Grill Master” apron and get your grilling enthusiast some tools he can use.


Help Dad stay ribs-ready by keeping his grilling utensils organized and within reach. mDesign’s BBQ grilling tool storage box is great for storing cooking essentials.

Large clear plastic box on white background containing grill tools and accessories

Perfect for: Dad, Husband


Dry rub or wet rub? Spicy sauce or sweet? Why choose? Make a BBQ gift basket Dad will love! Round up assorted rubs, spices, and sauces, arrange them in a sturdy and stylish basket like mDesign’s wire storage organizer basket.

The dad in your life can sample Memphis, Texas, Carolina, and Kansas City style ribs (Kansas City ribs are the best —sorry, not sorry.)

Perfect for: Dad, Stepdad, Husband


Let Pop-Pop put his feet up while you and the rest of the family take care of the post-BBQ dishes. Add these bamboo scrubbing brushes to the gift basket. They have sturdy bristles for cleaning grilled-on grime and their eco-friendly bamboo handles resist odors and bacteria.

Kitchen Scrub Brush with Bamboo Handle and Natural Bristles Laying on It's Side with a Slight Reflection Underneath

Perfect for: Son, Brother, Uncle

Beards-Good Looks

Dad takes care of everyone else; why not encourage him to take good care of himself. Give a gift that’s sure to nudge even the most resistant groomer toward some manly self-care.


To shave or not to shave? Whether the father figure in your life is clean-shaven or has a beard that would make Ron Swanson proud, mDesign’s shaving mirror is a great Father’s Day gift.

Small Black Suction Mirror on White Tile Wall with Shaving Cream and Razor Storage Hooks Showing Reflection of Young Male Shaving His Face

It has four strong suction cups for a secure hold, so he can groom himself at home or on the go —it’s ideal for college dormsRVs, campers, and boats and will keep him looking handsome and presentable for years to come.

Perfect for: Son, Husband


Stock a caddy (we like mDesign’s Grooming Caddy) with everything he needs to look his absolute best. For personal grooming, it’s a great way to store shaving cream, razors, beard oil, hair gel, and cologne. Or pack the caddy with shoe polish, a buffing cloth, horsehair brush, and shoehorn to keep his wingtips and high tops in tip top shape.

Perfect for: Grandpa, Uncle


If you must go the traditional route, don’t just give a tie, give him a way to organize his ties. A tie rack/belt organizer adds convenient custom storage to his closet.

Bronze Metal Wire Belt and Tie Rack Mounted on White Door

Perfect for: Husband, Dad

So there you have it, everything Dads like: beer, BBQ, beards—wait, we forgot the greatest Father’s Day gift of all: peace and quiet.

Bed-Good Night

This gift costs nothing but is absolutely priceless. Fluff the pillows, turn the sheets back, and hang a Do Not Disturb sign on the door as you close it behind you. But before you do, make sure Dad has everything he needs with our 4-Pocket Bedside Organizer.

It’s super easy to install and it keeps clutter off of his bedside table or nightstand. Just slide the steel frame between the mattress and box spring and tuck in Dad’s favorite book, beverage, reading glasses, and, of course, the remote.

Small Divided Bamboo Storage Bin Holding Remote Controls on White Shelf Next to Nintendo Switch

Perfect for: All Dads

And while dads wind down Father’s Day in kick-back-and-relax mode, you’ll feel great knowing you’ve given top-notch gifts to the men in your life and made them feel loved and appreciated.

Need more ideas for Dad? Make his day extra special with mDesign's garage storage organizers.

Lisa Langford is a Senior Copywriter at mDesign

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Posted: May 28, 2021