10 Dorm Room Closet Essentials You Need Ahead of Move-In Day

Written by: Katherine Flacco



Time to read 2 min

These space-saving storage solutions help you to utilize every square inch of your dorm room closet.

Did you know the average dorm room closet is approximately 24” deep x 36” wide x 84” high? Now, I know what you are thinking, and yes, it is tiny. That is why maximizing your space is key to making your tiny dorm room closet feel bigger than it actually is.

Maximizing dorm room closet space is easy when you have the right organizers. These innovative storage solutions will help you save valuable closet real estate ahead of move-in day.

Hanging Organizers

A tried-and-true hanging closet organizer helps maximize closet space and may just be the ultimate dorm room essential. Hanging shelves are a way to customize your closet storage and keep all your belongings nice and neat. This organizer features seven open compartments and three easy-pull drawers to keep clutter controlled, and if needed, concealed.

Over-the-Door Storage

An over-the-door hanging closet organizer can be useful. It can act as an extension of your closet since your door will usually be closed. This organizer helps you clear your floor and provides extra storage for study materials like notebooks and textbooks, or anything else you might need. 

If you are looking for something simpler, an over-the-door hook rack might do the trick. It can make a great spot to hang up your hat, coat, umbrella, and more - keeping clutter at bay and alleviating some of the stress on that cozy closet.

Hanging Drawers

Need more drawer space? Add a hanging drawer to your closet to maximize unused space and create additional storage instantly. Store clothing, accessories, undergarments, and more. Once you start organizing, the ideas are endless.

Jewelry Organizers and more

Make getting ready in the morning a breeze with this stackable jewelry organizer that keeps your pretty jewels on full display and takes up very little space. The slim profile fits nicely inside your closet or on your vanity.

If you are less about the jewelry and more about the bag you carry (and have several) - then a hanging handbag organizer may be just the thing to keep your collection off the floor and in the closet. 

Closet Shelf Organizers

Another dorm space-saver: versatile shelf risers. These risers take advantage of unused vertical shelf space inside your closet by creating two tiers of storage so you can store more while maintaining order. That’s what we call a win-win. 

If you find yourself with unused space below your shelf we have the solution for that too! Our under-shelf hanging baskets are a great way to store accessories and other items.

Is the organizer in you looking to categorize and separate items? Then take a look at our closet shelf dividers that do just that. They simply slide over the shelf and quickly and conveniently assist you in organizing your closet space.

Stackable Shoe Storage

Avoid having your shoes turn into one giant pile at the bottom of the closet with stackable lidded bins. This storage option helps keep your shoes and other closet items organized, visible and dust-free. This way, you can easily identify the pair you need, especially when you're in a hurry.

Small-space living is all about getting creative with storage solutions. Create a more functional dorm room and closet with these custom storage solutions that maximize your storage opportunities while still making your tiny space feel uniquely yours.