About Us

solutions for home solutions for lifewe inspire you to take control of your surroundings &  calm the chaos in your life. Our products are  founded not just on providing solutions, but  also on delivering style to your home. We solve  problems, simplify tasks, enhance the home and make life easier for you.we strive to deliver products that bring both  function & style to every room in the home.  From pantry storage and office organization to decor  and furniture, the exceptional value of our simple yet  sophisticated solutions has become our signature.we create an extensive product selection  that provides a solution for everyone  & every need. We develop our products  to fit diverse design aesthetics & lifestyles.  Thanks to our broad range of size & color options,  we make it easy for you to find the perfect choice for your  unique home.we care about our employees, our community and our country.  That’s why we are committed to increasing domestic sourcing  and production. We support the creation of US jobs through  our partnerships with American manufacturers & suppliers,  resulting in a positive impact on the economy  in Ohio & beyond.we serve our customers and our community.  We strive to have a positive impact on the  communities around us through our corporate  volunteer activities, as well as support of industry  entrepreneurs, female business leaders, and  aspiring product designers.