Slim Plastic Breast Milk/Baby Formula Storage Bin - B

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Slim Plastic Breast Milk/Baby Formula Storage Bin - B
mDesign Kitchen Refrigerator Cabinet or Pantry Baby Food Storage Organizer Bin with Handles for Breast Milk, Pouches, Jars, Bottles, Formula, Juice Boxes - BPA Free, 10" x 4" x 3"

FUNCTIONAL & VERSATILE: Perfect for storing all of baby's mealtime needs; Breast milk, formula, food, snacks, drinks, juice boxes, pudding, yogurt, and fruit snacks are organized and in their place; Perfect for feeding accessories - bottles, sippy cups, lids, spoons, forks, cups, dishes and more are always in easy reach and ready to carry to the table; Great for fridge, freezer, cabinet, and pantry

PORTABLE: Easy-grip side handles make it convenient to pull these off the shelf, out of the fridge or cabinet and place on kitchen counters, countertops and tabletops; Just grab and go

STACK & STORE: Use more than one to maximize storage space in fridge or cabinet and create a storage system in your pantry or kitchen cupboards that works best for you; Base feet allow more than one bin to be neatly stacked without shifting

QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: Made of durable, BPA-free, Food Safe, PVC-free plastic; Hand wash with mild soap and water; Do not clean in dishwasher

THOUGHTFULLY SIZED: Measures 10" x 4" x 3" high