Shipping + Returns FAQ

Shipping/Order Questions

Q:  Why did my product come in an Amazon box?

A:  To keep costs down, mDesign partners with a number of fulfillment centers across the US, our items might ship from our warehouse or from one of our trusted partners, like Amazon. So, don’t be alarmed if your package shows up with a little smile on the box! We are always looking to save time and money and pass it on to you the customer.

Q:  Why haven’t I received my tracking number?

A:  Don’t worry, it’ll be here soon! It can take up to 48 hours to activate. Tracking numbers are sent automatically to the email address provided. If it is over 5 days, please contact our customer service team.

Q:  Order is showing as delivered, but I don’t have it – HAAALP!

A:  Oh no! Looks like your package got lost in the mail. Please reach out to our customer service team, and they will help track it down!

Q:  Can I cancel my order after order is placed?

A:  Buyer’s remorse? I hope not! If you do change your mind after you place an order, please reach out to our customer service team.

Q:  Can I change my shipping address after my order is placed?

A: Since we use trusted partners like Amazon to help deliver your package, and they move at the speed of light, we can try to cancel it but cannot guarantee it will go through. Once we cancel the order, you may go in and place a new order with the correct shipping address.

Q:  I received the wrong item     

A:  Is there egg on our face? We’re sorry we shipped you the wrong product. We will send out a new one right away. Please reach out to our customer service team and they will be able to assist you. 

Damaged/Missing Pieces

Q:  I received a damaged product, now what?

A:  We know you were super excited about your purchase and disappointed that it showed up damaged. Here at mDesign, we want to replace that item for you – free of charge! Please send an email to our customer service team, and don’t forget to include a picture of the product.

Q:  Missing parts or instructions

A:  Disappointing to say the least. We hate when that happens! Whether it is a missing screw, instructions, rubber feet, brackets or anything else, we will send you a replacement part ASAP. Please email our customer service team, and let them know what is missing and don’t forget to include the item number. To get it to you faster, it may be a slightly different color, but we will let you know what we have on hand when you reach out.

Q:  I received my item, but it was bent.

A:  We are so sorry, sometimes during shipping this can happen. Don’t worry, we are going to send you a replacement part as soon as we can. Just email our customer service team, let them know what is bent, and don’t forget to include the item number! 

Product Questions

Q: What are my product dimensions?

A: On every SKU we provide dimensions in two ways – through the description of the product (scroll down to the bottom of the product page to see) or in some cases, we have images with the dimensions included (click through the pretty pictures to see them). If you still cannot find them, please contact our customer service team and let them know – don’t forget to include the item number!

Q:  I received my item and the dimensions are off, what’s the deal?

A:  Sometimes there are slight variances in products, and while we try to capture all of them, we are human, too! Please contact our customer service team and let them know – don’t forget to include the item number!

Q:  There is some film on my mirror I received.

A:  That’s ok! It is just on there to help protect the mirror during shipping. You can simply peel it off to reveal your new, shiny mirror!

Q:  I thought I ordered multiple items, but I only got one!

A:  Sometimes to show you how multitalented a product is, we will showcase it with other products stacked or stored together. We did our best to show you ideas on how it could be used, and we apologize if that didn’t come off right! Please contact our customer service team, and they will be able to help sort it out. If you ordered multiple products and only one box showed up, that’s perfectly normal too. Different items ship from our different warehouses across the US so that may happen from time to time. Just your order status with your tracking information to see where that package is!

Q:  How do I assemble my product?

A:  We have all been there; opened up the directions and thought… hmmm, this makes no sense! Some of our products have video instructions in the image section to help out, but we get it, you want to talk to someone. Contact our customer service team, and they will be able to help you figure it out.

Q:  Toilet tissue holder stands, will they hold jumbo rolls?

A:  Yes, all of our toilet tissue holders are able to fit jumbo sized rolls – enjoy the go!

Q:  Do mDesign under bed storage organizers have cardboard inserts in between the sides?

A:  No, they do not. Once filled up, they will keep their shape and hold your items securely!

Q:  On marble boards, why am I seeing green color veins in the glass instead of a marble look overall?

A:  Nope, it’s not a mistake, I promise! Marble and glass are natural products and while we work with vendors who source the best products, sometimes there are variations with colors. Enjoy your unique piece!

Q:  What size are the replacement cups for the cup dispensers?

A:  The cup dispensers hold 2 – 3 oz. paper cups that can be purchased at any local grocery or chain store. Stock up and never run out!

Q:  Are mDesign products BPA free?

A:  YES! All of our products are BPA-free. Woohoo for safety!

Q:  Are mDesign egg holders and bins dishwasher safe?

A:  Don’t get too egg-cited! Unfortunately, no, all of our egg holders need to be washed by hand. Better safe than sorry!

Q:  Why does my shower curtain or plastic mat have an odor?

A:  Oophf, what the heck is that smell?! Due to the process of making these products and putting them into boxes for shipping, sometimes an odor may linger. Don’t worry, this is perfectly harmless, and the smell should dissipate in 2 – 7 days.

Q:  Why did my suction cup fall off?

A:  Did your item fall in the middle of the night and scare the living shi- I mean, startle you? Sorry for that… but suction cups are not meant to be suctioned forever. Due to the air pockets that get in between the wall and the plastic cup, over time, these will need to be re-adhered. Also, you don’t need to lick them for a better stick. Just make sure to clean the suction cup and flat surface well before placing and be mindful of the amount of weight you place in the item!