Why Organizing is Self-Care

Why Organizing is Self-Care

For every minute spent organizing is an hour earned 

Do you know who said that? No, not Marie Kondo, it’s a quote from Benjamin Franklin, but you were close. Franklin understood the importance of keeping our lives in harmony with a little organization, and to be honest, most people understand the value of maintaining a healthy, tidy space. So where is the disconnect?

Why do most people never achieve the level of satisfying organization that we find not only fulfilling but important?

In short, just like most things in life, it all boils down to our attitude. Everyone looks at organizing as a chore, when in fact it aligns much more closely with self-care. That’s right, getting your life organized is much more related to bubble baths and facemasks than taking out the trash and doing the dishes. When we organize, we take back our life. We cut back on stress and achieve something for ourselves, while also adding in a sprinkle of aesthetic. Just like when you nail your skin routine, that feeling of satisfaction is paired with an aura of confidence when you know that your space is prepared for the day.

Your space reflects your mind, everyone has heard this, but most see it as a one-way street. Your space is cluttered because your mind is cluttered. But it’s important to realize the inverse, that if your space is cluttered, it can cause your mind to be cluttered. Not a simple reflection, but rather a reason that you feel overwhelmed and stressed.

By organizing, you can combat this unnecessary stress and get on with your life. Isn’t that what self-care is, anyway? It’s not just something that makes you feel good, its anything that moves you towards your desired outcome. Whether it be a skin care routine, a manicure, a massage, or organizing that junk drawer that’s been a thorn in your side for months (or years), self-care is about reaching your potential.

Another positive effect of organizing is that it’s addicting. Once you see the potential in that under-sink real estate, you’ll catch the bug and want to organize everything. What this does is transform organizing from a self-care activity to a self-care habit. This is the highest form of self-care and will unlock a peace of mind previously untapped. The satisfaction of an organized space will become an expectation and will start to spill over into other aspects of your life. Much like those testimonies about how “___” changed my life, (insert working out, yoga, etc.) organizing will have the same positive effect. Borderline obsession can be a good thing, right? Kidding.

We know organizing will positively impact your life. We built an entire company off this notion!

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The most important thing to remember is that self-care is anything that moves you forward. Anything that helps you achieve the desired outcome. And it’s important to think you are important!

Put yourself first sometimes. You deserve it. The whole point of self-care is to reach the best version of yourself and when you do, others will be not only happy for you but be motivated as well. Especially when they see that organizing is a part of your self-care regiment. Others will see the positive implications of getting their space in order (and how good it looks) and will most likely begin their own organization journey.

No, this isn’t some inspiration-filled sales pitch on why you should buy our products. We firmly believe that organizing is one of the best things you can do for yourself and those around you.

We are far more concerned with you realizing the positive long-term impact of getting your space in order than buying our products (not that we would say no or anything). So, if you take away anything from this article, don’t let it be how amazing our Lazy Susans are, or how once you try our drawer organizers you won’t go back, it’s how organizing can quite literally transform your life. We want you to pursue organization as a self-care activity, then from there a habit, and before long you’ll be helping others take back their space and their lives.

Check out all of our products here, get inspired and practice a little self-care.

For every minute spent organizing is an hour earned,
and every hour earned is an hour spent on yourself

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Posted: Apr 16, 2020