Update Your Space

Update Your Space

Give your home a refreshed look with these easy home accents

Your home is your haven. It’s where you feel safe, make memories, and rest your head at night. We’ve spent a tremendous amount of time under our own roofs to stay safe during the pandemic. Many of us turned to décor and DIY projects while some are still searching for inspiration. mDesign is here to help! Enjoy our guide to effortless home accents that will transform your space and give it the update you’ve been craving.

1 The Porch & Entryway

First impressions are everything, and your front door is no different. Give your porch some pizzazz with greenery, flowers, and a colorful welcome mat. Hang your hat, keys, masks, umbrellas, and even sorted mail with a metal mounted hook and storage basket. Keep shoes tucked away when you add a bench with woven baskets or a fabric rack. Hang coats, bags, and more from simple wall mount hooks.

2 The Garage

Tools, holiday decorations, sports equipment, and other miscellaneous items all wind up in the garage. Assign everything its own spot with an equipment rack or a wall mounted tool organizer. Put wrapping paper, wreaths, and trees in organizer bags or a hanging fabric gift wrap storage unit. For smaller spaces, go vertical with a 3-tier fabric organizer rack.

3 The Laundry Room

It’s extremely easy for laundry to pile up, making you feel overwhelmed. Luckily, there are so many simple solutions to update the space around your washer and dryer. A 3-tier utility shelf holds detergents, dryer sheets, fabric softener, and more. Give your room an elegant, natural feel with this sleek bamboo hamper basket with a removable liner and a hinge lid that keeps clothes out of sight until it’s time to wash. Make efficient use of your wall space with a mounted iron board holder.

4 The Kitchen

The kitchen is the hub of the home. We cook, clean, gather, and share meals and good conversation around the table. It’s also one of the most fun and versatile rooms to revamp. For fun and stylish accents, add canisters, Lazy Susans, and cookbook stands to your counters, baskets and bins to your pantry or fridge, and an elegant serving bar cart to a cozy corner.

5 The Closets

Whether the bedroom, coat, linen, or hall closets, there are plenty of ways to refresh and create a new look. Add extra shelving with a vertical fabric rack for shoes or a platform organizer for off-season clothing items. In the drawers, add a fabric bin or a divider to compartmentalize items. This metal organizer hangs right from the closet rod and keeps ties, necklaces, scarves, and small accessories sorted. Woven or metal baskets and bins add a personal touch and hold larger items such as hats, blankets, handbags, or sweaters.

6 The Office

It’s time to bring some rhyme and reason to the room in the house where you need to be the most efficient. Increase productivity and inspiration by keeping your desk neat and tidy. Divided drawer organizer trays and small bins with lids hold essentials such as staples, tape, pencils & pens, binder clips, notes, highlighters, and more. Go vertical and make the most of desk or shelf space with stacking clear bins to hold papers, mail, notebooks, files, envelopes, and other supplies. A metal trash can keeps garbage contained and out of sight while adding style to your décor.

7 The Family Room

Aside from your bedroom, your family room is the other room in the house where you relax and get cozy with a good show, movie, or book. Spending so much time here will make you want to spruce it up from time-to-time. Plants add a charming touch and look great sitting in a metal plant stand. Display photos and memories on beautiful, rustic floating shelves. Add extra surfaces for entertaining friends or family with a set of nesting side tables. Effortlessly update the look of your throw pillows with a set of faux linen pillow covers. Store blankets, pillows, magazines, and extras in woven braided baskets that you can scatter throughout the room.

8 The Kids’ Room

The nursery, bedroom, or a playroom doubling as a school room during lockdown, these rooms are some of the first to need a makeover. Little ones can get excited about their “new” room with fun items like a fabric drawer organizer, colorful cubes to keep their toys and favorite blankets, or plastic bins to keep their video games sorted when it’s not play time. Make a game out of clean up time and help them learn their words with colorful labeled buckets that assign each toy its own spot. For infants, easily keep their receiving blankets, pacifiers, onesies, diapers, and more tucked in a portable caddy tote bin or a hanging diaper organizer for a crib or bassinet.

9 The Bathroom

It’s the one room in your home where you can lock the door and achieve a few minutes of privacy. Transform your master or guest bath into a luxurious, spa-inspired retreat with all kinds of convenient and elegant accessories. Display towels on an industrial-inspired ladder or tucked and rolled on a wall mounted wire shelf. Hold hair tools, makeup compacts, and perfumes in a wire rack or a cosmetic tray. Show your personality with a fun and colorful shower curtain and bath mat. Organize shampoo, conditioner, razors, loofahs, and scrubs with a chic shower caddy. Keep cleaning items and waste disguised with a matching bowl brush and can combo set. Put the perfect finishing touches on countertops or tucked into corners with accessories for soap, toilet tissues, magazines, toothbrushes, and more.

10 The Bedroom

Finally, let’s talk about your sanctuary – where every day starts and ends. Add new brushed microfiber sheets or a quilted down alternative comforter to make your bed feel ultra-soft. Sort your clothes and put everything away in a storage dresser with removable fabric bins. Keep extra blankets or pillows inside a stylish woven basket. A 3-drawer jewelry box organizer holds all your treasured pieces.

Giving any room in your home a style boost can be simple and budget-friendly. With a mix of canisters, baskets, bins, and decorative accessories, transforming the look of your favorite space is quick and hassle-free. Pair these new pieces with a festive, painted accent wall, a quick & easy backsplash, or a gallery of memories, and make your home feel brand new.

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Posted: Aug 3, 2021