Tote-ally Awesome Tips for Totes

Tote-ally Awesome Tips for Totes

DIY decorate and organize your home

Decorating for the holidays? We got you covered. Not only can totes be great for, you know, toting a handful of items from one area of the home to another, but they have a hidden talent! They can be easily transformed into a centerpiece, coffee table focal point, bathroom décor, or even a gift basket! Let me show you how tote-ally awesome plastic totes can be with these fun ideas!

Fall and winter are my favorite times of the year. Not for the weather, but for the holidays. Everything is warm, cozy, and all the best foods and smells are in the air! With that comes a LOT of decorating. Stores, malls, and online are filled with endless decorations and decorating ideas.

Totes make a perfect DIY jumping-off point for a beautiful, creative, festive, and versatile decoration. Fall, winter, special occasions, and even gifts are just a few simple steps away from being your own creation! And after the holidays, they make for a variety of uses in your everyday life.

These are great for centerpieces because they’re all different sizes and fit nicely on large dining or coffee tables. They even work on a double vanity countertop or atop the toilet tank. Some totes are multi-compartmented, and some are open for you to fill with as many special seasonal touches as you desire.

For fall, try putting some small, real or fake pumpkins throughout mDesign’s single-compartment bins along with some berries, cinnamon sticks, acorns/pinecones, and candles. Try pumpkins of various sizes as well as candles of different heights to create some dimension. This will smell and look great on your dining or coffee table. The clear design allows you to create interesting layers and is sure to match any environment.

When winter blusters through, you can keep those pinecones, grab some pine tree branches, winter-scented candles, assorted greenery, berries, and white flowers to complete the icy, yet welcoming look.

If you’re looking for a bathroom decoration, putting a few seasonal soaps or lotions in the mixes above in mDesign’s four-compartment tote for guests to use or just for decoration, adds a nice touch that gives it a clean, bathroom feel while still achieving the warm and inviting look you’re going for. Use the smaller compartments for the various toiletries and the larger compartment for your main decorations.

With holidays typically comes some form of gift-giving. That’s where totes come in, yet again! By using mDesign’s rectangular, clear totes, you can create a festive arrangement for someone to have a little wine night, margarita moment, or include some bath bombs and candles for a lovely spa evening to unwind. You can’t put a price on relaxation!

Whatever the occasion and whoever the recipient of the gift basket is, they can take home everything inside the tote along with the tote itself, which they can then use for many different uses around their home.

As the holidays come to a close and it’s back to regular daily life, here are some uses your tote can provide throughout your home:

Large Plastic Kitchen Pantry & Cleaning Supplies Storage Caddy Tote Plastic Kitchen Cutlery Caddy Organizer Storage Bin

Small Plastic Vanity Makeup Storage Caddy Tote Bin Bamboo Tea Bag Holder, Food Storage Caddy Tote for Kitchen Pantry, Cabinet

  • Bathroom - use a large, 10-compartment tote for toiletries, feminine products, makeup brushes/palettes, beauty sponges, makeup remover, tweezers, nail care products and polish, shampoos and other soaps, bath bombs and scrubs, razors, poufs, extra toothbrushes and toothpaste, skincare creams and daily moisturizers, face masks
  • Office - use an eight-compartment tote with handles for your office needs such as pens, pencils, markers, staplers, sticky notes, erasers, extra staples, binder clips, paperclips, white-out, highlighters, push pins, and more. The side handles make it easy to transport and pull on and off shelving when needed
  • Bedroom/Closet - use any multi-compartment tote to sort and organize jewelry, hair ties, and other small accessories
  • Kitchen - use and two-compartment tote with a natural wood handle to store coffee pods, sugar, powdered cream, seasonings, food packets, spices, condiments, napkins, straws, and more. The natural handle gives it a homey feel and blends nicely with any kitchen décor
  • Playroom/nursery - use any of our totes to store building blogs, figurines, dolls, doll clothes, small toy cars, rattles, pacifiers, teethers, small books, puzzle pieces, and more to have at the ready when playtime strikes
  • Living room - use for gaming console games, controllers, chargers and other gaming attachments, phone chargers, laptop chargers, TV remote controllers, DVDs, movies, and extra batteries

Whether you’re setting up for the holidays or looking to create an organized home even after the holiday hubbub slows down, totes have virtually endless uses in any area of the home, as gifts, or make a great centerpiece in your home! Try your hand at the tote life and see how many different ways they can improve your daily living!

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Posted: Nov 27, 2019