Tips to Tackle the Infamous Junk Drawer

Tips to Tackle the Infamous Junk Drawer

Because it’s more than just junk

Let’s get real for a second. Even if you’re the neatest of people I bet you have one messy area in your home that you’re not exactly proud of. And I know what it is (don’t worry, we all have one). It’s may not be on display or featured in our instas, but it’s sort of a necessity - a place where things that don’t have a place find themselves. Any guesses?

The junk drawer

The name isn’t appealing, I admit, but for many of us it sadly fits. It’s where all those little necessities that don’t have another home live… plus all the other items that have been thrown in to “hide” a mess during those quick cleaning scrams right before company comes over. You know what I mean, right? Well, it’s about time we all opened the drawer and took back control!

Start by removing the erroneously stored items and putting them away where they belong. They don’t have a tidy space to return to? Check out our other home organization blogs for help with that! Now we can settle in and examine the remaining hodgepodge.

Drawer organizers can get this mess into shape before you know it!

Clear Plastic Expandable Drawer Organizer Storage Tray with 6 Divided Compartments Holding Office Supplies 3 Clear Storage Trays with Rose Gold Accents in an Open Drawer Below Marble Counter Organizing Makeup Beauty Supplies and Cosmetics 2 Cream Stacked Drawer Organizer Storage Trays with 6 Compartments Decorated with Brown Woven Accents Holding Office Supplies

mDesign’s set of interlocking drawer organizers fit together so you can arrange them in a way that fits your drawer and your needs. It comes with two large compartments and five smaller compartments. The set’s interlocking system keeps the pieces together no matter how much you’re digging around in there! Depending on the size of your drawer, you can even use two of these drawer systems together to make one large one and really transform your junk drawer into a functional resource in the home.

Looking for a more elevated look? This bamboo set adds subtle style and a natural look to your home. Or add a bit of glam with organizers accented with rose gold. Who says your junk drawer can’t be pretty? As if these weren’t great enough, mDesign offers a wide variety of decor and storage items in bamboo and rose gold so you coordinate your entire home!

Have you ever bought an organizer only to get home and realize it doesn’t fit? Why are drawers not standard sizes? Well, to truly get that customized fit, expandable trays are the way to go! Available with five or six compartments, each divided section will make tidy work of pencils, sticky notes, scissors, and all those extra buttons pennies currently rolling around in the back of your drawer.

If you have a deeper drawer, I’m jealous. Make sure to fully utilize the available depth otherwise you’re letting prime real estate go to waste. Start by sorting out larger items and storing those first: extension cords, tools, flashlights, etc. With the remaining space, stack clear divided boxes or these small trays and fill them up with smaller necessities. No more wasted space!

I thought I had a lot of cords and tech gear before, but in this age of working from home and family zoom calls, my stock pile has gotten a bit out of hand. These plastic honeycomb inserts are perfect for corralling cords and electronics. The pieces snap together to create customized storage for your drawer and each pocket provides spacious room so nothing is being crammed in and damaged. Let me tell you, not having to pull out a knot of cords every time I need a charger is a game changer!

Speaking of electronics in the junk drawer, what about batteries? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered there too. Check out this blog to learn how to safely and effectively store batteries of every size.

Now you not only are organized but have done so in style. The name “Junk Drawer” hardly seems apt anymore!

Chelsea McCulley is the Digital Asset Manager at mDesign

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Posted: Mar 23, 2021