Small Space Living Ideas

Small Space Living Ideas

Storage Tips to Make the Most of Small Spaces

The TV show Friends just celebrated its 25th anniversary. Every week, fans tuned in to see the six twenty-somethings hang out in their sprawling Greenwich Village apartment. And every week, anyone who’d ever lived in New York City wondered how on earth they could afford an apartment that spacious!


Big city living is often a trade-off. What you get in celebrity sightings and fancy restaurants, you lose in living space. Cities like New York are notorious for pricey apartments the size of broom closets.

Whether you live in a small space out of necessity or by choice (van life, anyone?), mDesign has helpful tips to make a few hundred square feet feel like a thousand.

First, think S.P.A.C.E. We’re not talking about outer space; we mean the acronym professional organizers use to get their clients' homes in order:

Sort. Take inventory. You don’t know what you need until you figure out what you’ve got. Purge. Toss it! Try the 4-box method. Pick an area to declutter. Put things you wear or use all the time in Box 1. In Box 2, place things you use once or twice a month. Box 3 is for things you don’t have occasion to use often but you genuinely need. Box 4 is where you put things that make you say, “What even is this?!” Ditch Box 4. Re-sort Boxes 2 and 3 and see if you can purge more. Assign. Give each item a place. Remember, clutter is just stuff that hasn’t found a home. Create. Devise on-going methods of maintaining order and controlling chaos. Enjoy! Cherish every moment in your cozy home.

Look at that— you just made S.P.A.C.E. for all your things!

Since we’ve already got some great posts on maximizing space in closets, kitchens, and home offices, let’s focus on the areas that get overwhelmed with clutter when you’re living in small spaces.

The Entryway

Everybody loves that comforting feeling of coming home, dropping your bags, and kicking off your shoes. It’s only a problem when each person in the household leaves their sneakers, bags, hats, coats, keys, and mail in the front hallway.

Keeping your entryway organized is important because clutter creep starts here. Turn this area into an efficient drop zone with these discreet storage solutions.

Fabric Fabric Mudroom Coat Rack and Bench Organizer System in Entryway Hall Surrounded by Baskets Metal Wire Wall Mount 2-Tier Basket Containing Mail Envelops with Key Hooks Extra-Long 4 Hook Coat Rack Clothes Hanger Hung Over White Door

The Living Room

With small space living, the living room is often the area with the most square footage in the house. It usually becomes the focal point of the home. The more time you spend here, the messier it can get. Keep your living room livable with these stylish mDesign products:

  • Nesting tables are a natural match for small spaces because you can tuck them under one another when you’re not using them.
  • Bins are great for maintaining order. Remember the “C” in S.P.A.C.E.? It was about creating rituals and habits that keep clutter contained. Assign everyone in your home their own bin. When it’s cleaning time, everyone can contribute to cleaning up their clutter. mDesign has a variety of bins to choose from, like this Fabric Storage Bin.
  • Shelves add storage without taking up floor space. Whether you choose wall mounted shelves, like this shelving organizer, or shelves designed to utilize corner space, your living room will be a place friends and family love to chill.

Set of 3 Metal and Wood Nesting End Tables in Living Room Next Gray To Arm Chair Light Gray Large Fabric Storage Bin with Handle Containing Clutch Bags Black Metal Multi-Level Storage Shelf Mounted on Wall with Books, Plant, and Photo Frame

The Bedroom

You know that old adage, “a place for everything and everything in its place?” That’s the best storage strategy for small space bedrooms.

Black Metal Mesh Wire Storage Basket Mounted on a Gray Wall with Hooks Holding Jewelry and Accessories Light Gray Fabric Under Bed Storage Organizer Bag Containing Folded Clothing with a Clear Zippered Lid Four Smoke Gray Plastic Shoe Stacker Organizers on Closet Shelves Organizing Flats, and Booties

With the right organization and storage solutions, cozy doesn’t have to mean cluttered.

Lisa Langford is a Senior Copywriter at mDesign

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Posted: Jun 15, 2021