RV Organization Made Simple

RV Organization Made Simple

Essential road trip tips for your summer adventure

With summer plans up in the air what better time to plan an RV trip? You can stay socially distance but still get out and make memories. You don’t need to go far, there are plenty of parks in your state, or county that are still open and with gas prices at an all-time low, this is the perfect summer vacation.

For some, this may not sound like the perfect summer getaway with all the packing and preparing, but with most of the US travel sill closed, this is the best we are going to get for Summer 2020. So, why not make the best of it? While we are not the expert in what you should pack, we do think organizing your RV and preparing for the trip is a must.

Yes, you can be organized even on the road, and we would argue it’s more important since you’re confined to such a small space.

Essential road trip tips for your summer adventure

First and foremost, you need to declutter. We might sound like a broken record if you have read some of our other blogs, but it so important to start with a blank canvas. If you are renting or using an RV for the first time, then this doesn’t really apply to you. However, if you are a little bit more seasoned with RVs and road trips, then this step is vital. You’ll never reach your RV’s full organization potential if you don’t get rid of all the stuff that has piled up and just takes up valuable space.

After the purge, you will most likely start to find some unusual storage spaces. Underneath your mattress, in the side couch cushion, and all the previous cluttered overhead spaces become promising storage real estate once again.

It’s important to not fall into the same cluttered habits that brought you all this mess, and our absolute favorite item to use is clear plastic bins. These are important for RV space and storage. When dealing with RV storage, you only want to pull out the items you are going to use due to their hard to reach positions and their general contribution to clutter. Clear bins will keep everything divided, stored, and most importantly, visible.

Large Plastic Bathroom Vanity Storage Bin Box

Over Door Fabric Hanging Closet Storage Organizer Our next tip is to store your most used tools in easy to reach areas, specifically right next to the door. A flashlight, knife, hammer, and screwdriver should be readily available and easy to find at any moment. If you can, a headlamp will prove to be much handier than a regular flashlight. If your RV layout allows it, an over the door storage caddy can add super valuable and handy storage right at the entrance, and this specific rack has hooks that will be perfect for your headlamps.

Speaking of hanging storage, hooks are going to be one of your best friends if you are low on storage. Hang hats, raincoats, towels and just about anything else to save shelf storage space for other, bulkier items.

With all this organization going on, it can be easy to lose track of it all. Our next tip is to color code or label everything possible. You will not believe how helpful this can be. With bins, we would stick to labeling (because if you color coordinate bins, then you can’t see into them). Again, this will just save time and potentially some headaches. However, if you are using bags to store some items, try to color code them. For example, use a green bag for granola bars and other snacks that you might want to take on the go with you when you stop. Use a red bag for all of your camera gear, a blue bag for all of your shower supplies, etc. This will keep everything organized while adding a little bit of fun color to your RV.

Another overlooked area is lighting. If you read our summer entertaining blog, then you know how important lighting can be. Unlike at parties, when it comes to RV lighting, it’s just about having enough, not necessarily what kind it is. Place light strips in cabinets and closets for extra lighting to make your life so much easier. More light, more life.

While organization is an important part of any RV adventure, the most important thing is to be in the moment. Don’t let an out of place cord or a wet bathing suit distract you from the memories you are making with the people you love. That is our most important tip, but clear plastic bins are a close second. Like we said before, these trips are more about prevention than reaction.

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Posted: May 5, 2020