Organizing Your Classroom

Organizing Your Classroom

How to organize your classroom and inspire learning no matter where you are!

This coming school year looks a lot different than any years past. With many schools doing a hybrid of in-class and at-home learning, the need to keep an organized classroom – whether virtual or in school – is more vital than ever. Staying organized is luckily one thing that many of us can control in these very uncertain times and starting a new school year is the perfect time to start!

Many teachers use their own money to decorate and keep their classroom organized. That is where mDesign comes in with our stylish, affordable organizational go-tos! The possibilities are endless to keep your classroom organized so let’s start with the basics.

Create Zones

Start by dividing the room into designated specific learning zones. Now, if your classroom is virtual, then keep each “zone” separated and ready to grab when necessary.

There are several ways to divide each zone. Color coding is a quick way to see and switch out what you need. You can color code different zones of the room, different subjects, different periods, etc. You can keep each supply needed in clear bins that come in different color topstotesspinners, even these vertical fabric drawer organizers.

Add labels to each organizer, that way you can quickly grab what you need. This is an easy way to stay on track if you are teaching from home to know exactly what you are grabbing for each course.

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Organize Supplies

Now that you have your designated zones, it’s time to organize your supplies! Nobody needs a moment broadcasted when you cannot find that pen you need during a live online class or accidentally use a permanent marker instead of a dry erase marker. Using some simple tools, you can keep your supplies organized and tidy and ready at a moment’s notice.

Start by added some shelf dividers or stackable bins to keep all your items handy. With the added transparency and easy access, you will be able to quickly switch to any item while helping your students learn. You can group textbooks, notepads, markers, pencils, erasers, scissors, papers, and small office supplies together.

If you are lucky enough to be in a classroom, add file folders near the front of the entry door so that students can easily drop off notes, homework, or papers that needed to be turned in. You can keep them organized by grade, assignment, or day of the week. Whatever works for you and your classroom. If you are virtual, you can keep file folders for your own material and use!

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Lastly, don’t forget your desk. Keeping this organized is the first step in making sure you are on top of your game this year. You can grab some desk drawer organizers to keep all the little items organized or add an organizer to the top of your desk to the items you use daily.

Keeping your classroom organized is easy with these simple tips. Remember, it won’t always be this uncertain, but one thing remains the same. TEACHERS. ARE. AMAZING. Thank you for all you do for our children and especially your patience.

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Posted: Aug 17, 2020