Organizing in Plain Sight

Organizing in Plain Sight

Whether you own a three-story house or rent a studio apartment, storage space always seems to be lacking. So, what do you do when your closets are overflowing? You have to get a little creative with your space and find stylish ways to store and organize things in plain sight! The Glitzy Pear walks us through her 4 tips:

TIP 1: Under Things

When you are organizing in plain sight using the space under things like coffee tables and sofas is my go to solution. This space is free space meaning you have already claimed it for a purpose, so using it in a pretty way will double that space. I love looking for pretty baskets to store toys, baby blankets, extra pillows, and books in that space...

You can use flat  trays that slide under bookshelves and console tables filled with serving platters, photographs, frames, art supplies or cookbooks.

Natural Woven Seagrass Storage Round Basket Bins Acrylic Rectangular Serving Tray With Slotted Handles

TIP 2: Think High

Of course use your sideboards and coffee tables to store decorative items and books. But have you ever thought of using the top of your tall bookcases for storing your Christmas decor in a cute basket or boxes? what about putting a shelf over your door in your bathroom for storing towels and extra makeup and shampoo. Maybe you have space above your kitchen cupboards? Getting cute baskets and filling them with party, picnic, or birthday supplies can free up space in a small kitchen.

Using ladders (I love mine from mDesign) for towels and blankets and over the door hangers for cute bags filled with your hairdryer and spa supplies is a great way to free up much needed space.

Open Weave Hyacinth Storage Boxes for Kitchen Pantry Metal Free Standing Bathroom Ladder Towel Bar Holder

TIP 3: Corners

I hate clutter so I try hard not to have too many things hanging out on my floors. However, corners are a perfect hiding spot for large baskets and cubbies that might be used to store extra craft supplies, hobbies like crocheting, dipper station, and even gloves and mittens by the back door. Any little spot can be used as a drop zone if you have a designated basket, bin, or tote to catch it all.

3 Tier Standing Storage Basket Stand

TIP 4: Bookcases and Shelves

Of course you buy bookshelves to store books and shelves to hold knickknacks but don’t stop there. These are the best places for organizing in plain sight. Get opaque magazine holders and store yearbooks, recipes, kids’ artwork, memory papers, even things like toys, paint supplies, or barbie clothes.

Then on the totally opposite end is to get clear jars to store cute things like buttons, ribbons, seashells, even flour and sugar in the kitchen. Its easy organizing in plain sight if you have the right container.

Remember use beautiful containers when you are organizing in plain sight. Treat it like art or decor that you would purchase for your home. You have to live in your spaces so make sure you love the bins, boxes and containers that you purchase. Happy organizing in plain sight.

Office Desk Organizer and Magazine File Holder Bin Round Plastic Bathroom Vanity Storage Canister Jar

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Posted: Apr 16, 2020