National CleanUp Day 2020

National CleanUp Day 2020

How to Achieve COVID-Friendly Clean Up This September!

Throughout the last six months, what we can and cannot do has changed dramatically. One thing we can still do, safely and socially distanced? Clean up your community. September 2020 is CleanUp month, and more specifically, September 19, 2020, is National CleanUp Day. If you ever needed an excuse to get out of the house after months of quarantine, this is it!

National CleanUp Day

The concept behind National CleanUp Day is this: if everyone helped just a little bit every day, imagine what the world could look like! For more information on the project and initiative, visit

The site allows you to log your clean up in your area. You enter the day, time, amount of litter picked up, and how many participants there were in your specific project. When you see how your small part contributes to the bigger picture, it’s the feel-good moment all of us need right now!

You can do this alone or with a group of friends or family. These kinds of cleanups can be done with all social distancing protocols involved. Easily stand six feet or more apart when spreading out in your area of choice and begin!

During transportation, you can travel with the individuals you’ve been quarantining with and drive separate from those who you have not. Or, if the area you’re planning to clean up is close by, try the more environmentally friendly option and take your bike!

The whole goal is to encourage a healthy environment for you and your community to enjoy.

Speaking of healthy environments, why not “clean up” some of the less environmentally friendly items in your home and replace them with more eco-friendly options? Let’s start with a few items from mDesign.

Natural Bamboo

Not only is bamboo all the rage right now, but it’s also so cute! But it also has some perks. Bamboo is eco-friendly and lasts the test of time (as long as you avoid submerging them in water!). Try using some bamboo organizers throughout your home to give it a natural, environmentally friendly touch in any room of the home!

Pantry Bins - These bins can be used to hold food packets, cans, snacks for the little ones, boxed items, and more.

Refrigerator Storage - Try these trays in your refrigerator for a clean, stylish way to organize pudding cups, yogurt, bottles, you name it!

Natural Bamboo Kitchen Pantry Storage Bin for Food Packets and Snacks Wide Natural Bamboo Fridge and Kitchen Drawer Organizer Storage Tray

Dresser Storage Unit - Even in your bedroom, closet, or nursery area you can enjoy the natural touch bamboo adds to any décor. This dresser storage unit can serve a multitude of purposes in your home and you can feel good about it, too!

Laundry Hamper Sorter - That’s right! Even in your laundry room, you can make the choice to go the eco-friendly route. This launder hamper sorter has so many functions in one; tabletop for folding and sorting, hamper for your dirty items, and three shelves for organizing your laundry-doing necessities.

Accent Floor Mat - Whether it’s in your bathroom, kitchen, or entryway area, a bamboo accent rug really pulls a room together. These are water-resistant and provide an easy way to pull a room together.

Natural Bamboo Dresser Table Organizer Unit with 4-Drawer Extra Long Water Resistant Natural Bamboo Accent Mat Rug

Regardless of if you’re getting out and doing your part by sprucing up your community or staying inside and revamping your home with more eco-friendly options, either way, your environment will thank you!

Like the organization states, if everyone does just a little bit, every day, imagine what the world would be like! Do your part this National CleanUp Day!

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Posted: Sep 18, 2020