Maternity Clothing Mayhem!

Maternity Clothing Mayhem!

How to store your maternity clothing during and after pregnancy

With motherhood comes all the joyous things everyone tells you about before you have a child – how special the bond is going to be, how amazing the moment is when you hold your little one for the first time, and how planning ahead is key. You set up the nursery, have your baby shower, and go through the nesting process all before baby gets here.

A big part of pregnancy is the need for maternity clothes. Everyone gets so caught up in how unbelievably adorable baby clothes and accessories are, that they often forget that momma needs a temporary new wardrobe, too!

With new mommy-to-be attire comes the inevitable need to store it somewhere during your pregnancy and after.

A great way to do this during your pregnancy is to organize your drawers using – you guessed it – drawer organizers! If you’re like me, you have drawers that are “dedicated” to one type of clothing item, but those usually end up getting mixed with other drawers and folding them every time you put them away can become less and less consistent because, well, we’re all human.

mDesign drawer dividers allow you to separate your items into specific sections and adjust them as need be. You can take a pre-existing drawer that may be for, say, camisoles, and split it in two (or three, or four) and set aside a section for your maternity tops/bottoms throughout your drawers. No need for new furniture or getting rid of your regular items to make room for clothing that only suits you for nine months or so.

Another option if you want to add a maternity section in your closet, are fabric hanging in-closet organizers from mDesign. These provide six levels of added storage you once didn’t have in your closet and install easily onto the closet rod. Three large compartments provide plenty of space for maternity clothing and three drawers at the bottom are perfect to corral smaller items and provide more discreet storage. When baby arrives, you can turn it into nursery storage as well!

What about after your bundle of joy enters your life? You’ll eventually phase back into your pre-mommy clothing. If you plan on expanding your family further in the future, or even if you’re just not sure what the future holds, you don’t want to get rid of your maternity clothing just yet!

In this case, you’ll want to store these items some place that’s out of sight until you may need it again, so it’s not taking up any space in your drawers or in your closet that can be used for other current necessities.

Fabric Under Bed Storage Organizer Bag with Zippered Lid

mDesign under-bed organizers are the happy medium if this is you! Slim and discreet, you can neatly and safely pack away your maternity clothes. The clear top allows you to easily see what’s inside without needing to unzip and sort through the items. Out of sight, out of mind!

If you’re done having children and your family is complete, you will likely not need those specialized clothing items anymore. Of course, you don’t want to just throw them out. Only wearing these items for nine months leading up to the birth of your child(ren) means they are likely in almost mint condition!

A great place to start is within your own circle. If you have friends or family who are expecting or who are planning to start a family, handing off your items is always a nice gesture. Most new parents don’t need the added expense of maternity clothes shopping, so receiving them for free from a loved one is always a perfect gift.

There’s a chance you may not have anyone to hand your clothes down to, in which case, donating is a wonderful solution. Women’s shelters, the Salvation Army, etc. are always happy to accept maternity clothing to give to those in need.

And finally, if you are a bit strapped for cash, as children can be quite pricy, you can try selling your items on local marketplaces online such as Facebook to try and get some extra money while helping out a fellow future mama.

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Posted: Feb 21, 2020