Makeup & Jewelry Cleanout

Makeup & Jewelry Cleanout

Refresh Your Accessory and Cosmetic Organization

It’s been a unique year and most of us have not been out of the house for months, so why are we talking makeup and jewelry? I get it. But now is actually the perfect time to go through both and get rid of anything that is expired, last season or, frankly, you never liked. I have all this beauty product and jewelry that I never use and, if the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s to let go of the stuff we don’t “need” anymore.

Makeup and Beauty Products on Marble Bathroom Counter

Sorting Your Makeup

If you don’t exactly consider yourself a beauty guru or fanatic and tend to stick with the basics of makeup, you may not be familiar with this little-known fact: makeup, like food and medicine, has an expiration date. That’s right! Regulations require skincare and cosmetics companies to include an expiration date on their products.

Don’t believe me? Take your favorite foundation, for example. If you look on the back of the bottle or the packaging it came in, you’ll see what looks like a little can with a floating lid above it. On the ‘can’ is a number followed by ‘M’. This indicates how many months your item is good for once opened. You might see 6M, 12M, 18M, and so on.

Why is this important? You may realize a mascara you’ve had is all dried up or not applying like it used to. Think to yourself, when did you purchase the item? Odds are it’s surpassed its expiration date.

Don’t see this little symbol? Don’t worry, there are standard rules you can follow when it comes to different items.

  • Mascara: 3-6 month shelf life
  • Liquid foundation: 6-12 month shelf life
  • Cream foundations/blush/shadows: 12-18 month shelf life
  • Powder foundation/blush/shadows: 2 year shelf life
  • Lipstick: 1 year shelf life
  • Nail polish: 2 year shelf life

See what I mean? If you haven’t purchased makeup in the past year - yeah, I’m looking at you – it’s time to throw out the old, expired beauty accessories and upgrade to fresh makeup.

Now that you’ve purged your makeup collection, let’s discuss the best ways to store what’s left.

Cosmetic Organization

mDesign’s cosmetic spinning organizer is a fabulous option for maximizing your space’s potential. Not only is there room for organizing bottles, wipes, and spray bottles, but there is a second tier that fits cotton swabs and additional smaller items such as brushes, perfume, lotion, and nail polish!

For a more traditional makeup organization tactic, try a cosmetic organizer with drawers from mDesign. 8 separate, multi-sized compartments for brushes, makeup bottles, eyelash curlers, lipsticks, etc. as well as 3 large, open-front sections ideal for skincare items, blushes, powder foundation, and other like-sized items. Underneath are 2 clear-front drawers with pull-holes great for nail polish, beauty sponges, and smaller palettes or individual eyeshadows.

Diggin’ the drawers? You’re in luck! 2- and 3-drawer cosmetic organizers not only provide discreet additional storage, but they are stackable, too! Mix and match to create the ultimate cosmetic storage center!

Cream Storage Box with 2 Clear Drawers Holding Makeup Beauty Products Cream Storage Box with 3 Clear Drawers Holding Makeup Beauty Products

Bring on the Bling

Now that your makeup is cleaned out, safe, and organized, let’s move on to making the second part of your daily routine quicker, easier, and cleaner: jewelry.

Since many of us now work from home, the need for a ton of jewelry has gone out the window. Personally, I have gone through and either upgraded pieces or gotten rid of earrings I have only worn once. No need to throw them out though; donate them to a local charity like Goodwill or Dress for Success.

You’ll be more inclined to wear the pieces you keep if you have a gorgeous and fun way to organize and display them. mDesign’s 2 Drawer Jewelry Display is the organizer of every woman’s dreams. The crystal-clear design gives it a crisp, upscale look that will complement any décor and style. 2 drawers and 2 open trays provide ample room for all your favorite pieces, plus it even includes a ring holder on top. Use the drawers and trays separately or stack to create a single unit, ideal for those with limited space.

Clear Acrylic Jewelry Storage Display Stand on Vanity Countertop with Mirror

Need more jewelry holders? Check out these matching pieces!

Clear Acrylic Round Earring Display Stand with Storage Tray Holding Jewelry Clear Acrylic Jewelry Necklace Stand Spinning Display Clear Acrylic Jewelry Display Stand with 4 Storage Trays

Laura Sirk is a Marketing Manager at mDesign.

How do you stay organized? We’d love to hear your story!
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Posted: Feb 9, 2021