Family Bathroom Storage Ideas

Family Bathroom Storage Ideas

8 Tips and tricks for keeping your family bathroom organized

Finding some alone time nowadays is tougher than ever. Sometimes my only “alone” time is the 10 minutes I have to shower. With so many of us home more, the one place that seems to take the biggest beating is the bathroom. The family bathroom may be the most difficult room to keep clean and organized.

Your bathroom is likely filled to the brim with products you use daily or, if you’re like me, products you never use but keep around just in case. Whether your kids have their own bathroom or you all share, keeping it organized is a must!

Re-organizing a bathroom may seem like a daunting task, but don’t be overwhelmed. We have simple solutions that will help you succeed in a stylish manner.

Here are 8 tips to help organize your family’s bathroom:

Keep your go-to haircare tools easily accessible and out of reach from little hands. A Hair Styling Storage Basket can easily be placed on the inside or outside of cabinet doors. This gives back some much-needed counter space or room inside your cabinets. Hair dryers and wands now have a perfect home!

Metal Hair Styling Tool Storage Organizer Hanging on Bathroom Cabinet Door Holding Hair Dryer

In the shower, there are probably different shampoos and body washes for every member of your family. To help free up some space, add an Over Door Bathroom Tub/Shower Caddy. This shower caddy is helpful to hang loofahs and razors, plus it can keep all those large bottles organized in one location.

Metal Shower Storage Caddy Hanging on Stall Door and Organizing Shampoo and Bath Products

Adding these Stacking Apothecary Jars to your vanity or countertop will keep everything from cotton balls to hair ties under control. These cute and stylish canisters will help tidy up all those small accessories that never seem to have a home.

Clear Plastic Apothecary Canister Storage Jar with Metallic Lid on Bathroom Counter Holding Cotton Swabs and Cosmetic Sponges

Need help from your kids and spouse keeping the toilet paper rolls stocked? This Dispenser & Storage Unit is perfect to squeeze in some extra space or help store your phone while you’re “busy.” Plus, the sleek design makes it an ideal size to tuck next to your toilet.

Toilet Tissue Paper Reserve Holder and Dispenser Standing on Bathroom Floor

Take a deep breath – let’s talk under the counter. Like many of you, I just throw things under my sink and hope for the best. When I need anything, I’m stuck digging around while asking myself why I haven’t cleaned this thing out. Have no fear, there are a couple of items you can quickly add to help declutter.

First, a 2-Tier Lazy Susan. Hide this bad boy under your sink and let the fun begin. With a 360° rotation, all your necessities are easily reached.

Add a Shelf to create tiered storage and fully take advantage of the vertical space available. Try adding one for each family member to organize and easily locate everyone’s unique bathroom products.

Lastly, get yourself a Bathroom Cabinet Storage Bin to bring calm to the chaos that is under the sink. Divided compartments provide convenient storage for smaller items and help maintain order.

Metal Wire 2-tier Storage Shelf in Bathroom Cabinet Holding Towels, Soap, and Bath Products

Do your kids fight over whose toothbrush is whose? Color coding is a great way to organize and bring some sanity back to your routine. Your children can pick their favorite color for their toothbrush and towels, so they know which one(s) to use. Store them in our handy Totes to keep things organized. This bathroom storage caddy will make sure everyone’s personal items are separated out (and hopefully reduce fighting… fingers crossed). These totes come in fun colors such as purple, green, pink, blue, and teal… check them all out!

Blue Plastic Storage Organizer Tote Caddy in Bathroom Cabinet with Towels Holding Toothbrush, Bath Products, and Personal Items

Is your makeup all over the place? Throw those makeup bags to the side and make room on the countertop with this Divided Makeup Organizer Storage Canister with Lid. It is compact, but still offers plenty of storage for lipstick, nail polish and hair clips. It’s also gorgeous and elevates your bathroom’s look.

Clear Acrylic Cosmetic Organizer Storage Canister with Metallic Lid on Bathroom Vanity Countertop Holding Makeup in Three Divided Compartments

When there just isn’t enough storage space in or under counters, look to the walls! A Wall Mount Bathroom Shelf creates extra space for hand towels or aromatic accessories, like a candle. You can add a couple of these to the bathroom and give your family members their own shelves to keep their personal care items. Or just use it for decoration – HA! Maybe when the kids are out of the house!

Metal Wire Shelves with Towel Bar Mounted on Wall Near Window For Bathroom Storage and Decor

Shop the Look: Add additional style to your bathroom with a decorative shower curtain and towel storage ladder.

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Posted: Feb 2, 2021