Fab Fabric Organizers

Fab Fabric Organizers

Fantastic uses for fabric bins and organizers

One of mDesign’s best kept secrets are our Fabric Woven Bins. These bins are so versatile that they can literally be used in any part of your home to store everything you have. Don’t believe me? Let me show you these marvels.

The best part? These stylish bins can be left out, so you can organize in plain sight! When people come over to your house, they will be amazed to see how neat and tidy everything is!

They come in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors with built-in handles. These versatile storage bins are perfect for closets, shelves, drawers, linen closets, dresser tops, cabinets, and even on the floor tucked in a corner or next to your favorite armchair – didn’t I tell you there is a place for everything? You can use several together to create a larger organizational unit or use them independently to fit your space as needed. They are perfect to create coordinated storage throughout your home.

Still don’t believe me? Check out our top places to use your mDesign Fabric Woven Bins below -


You can use this bin to store extra toilet paper and add a decorative soft touch. It is a great alternative to the typical hard storage and gives your room a softer look. Use multiple bins to store your guest towels or robes for a coordinated cohesive look, or display all those bath samples normally hidden under your sink so your guests can actually use them! These bins are also the perfect size to fit in cabinets and linen closets so you can keep backstock of shampoo, shower gel, and liquid hand soap.

Small Fabric Bathroom Storage Bin with Coated Interior


I have one of these awesome bins next to each entryway of our house. When we leave or enter it provides us with a direct drop zone for all things wintery: hats, gloves, scarves, and ear warmers. If you have kids, keep a bin for each child and add their name for a personal touch! These convenient containers are perfect for when the kids leave for school in the morning. There is no need to search closets or argue over which gloves go to whom. They are casual and functional and add that popular farmhouse look.

Small Round Fabric Mudroom and Entryway Storage Bin

mDESIGN TIP: I use mine to store my dog leash, harness and puppy booties for a convenient way to grab on my way out the door.

Have extra masks? No worries, throw them in a small basket for quick access and a place for your family to toss them when they come home. Put 2 side-by-side for “clean” / “dirty” (make sure to label them!) and set up a little sanitizer station - now you’ll always be prepared to leave the house with clean hands and a clean mask!


I love these holders for storing my bed accent pillows. It is so great to be able to crawl into bed knowing that my accent pillows are kept clean and off the floor. It’s also perfect for storing reading material or slippers right next to your bed or nightstand. That way they will be readily available when you need them. The larger cubes are also great for storing out-of-season clothing. Throw in all your bathing suits and shorts and store up on your top closet shelves. Ready for the beach? The front handles make these easy to access and portable so you can swap those sweaters for some sun.

Fabric Cubby Storage Bins for Home and Bedroom

Living Room

I have always used these bins to store throw blankets in my family room. Then, one day some unexpected guests showed up in our driveway. I looked around and noticed that 5 or 6 of my puppy’s toys were strewn across the floor. I literally only had a few seconds to straighten up our family room floor. I quickly gathered them all up and threw them into our throw blanket bin. Toy cleanup at the end of the day is so easy that even your little ones can manage!

Portable Fabric Storage Toy Bin for Playroom and Home


And by office, I mean anything paper related. I use these bins to store magazine subscriptions, folders, books, and office supplies. Your kids will love them for holding their bookbags, homework and school projects. They are perfect for storing in cubbies, setting on desks or shelves, or simply placing on the floor. The possibilities are endless so get creative!

Tall Fabric Office Storage Bin Magazine Holder with Handles


Before I go, I want to share one more matching fabric organizer that I just can’t live without: It’s the mDesign bedside caddy. This is one of my all-time favorites because of all the pockets to stash stuff in.

It’s easy to install on the side of your bed with the attached three loops; no tools or hardware are needed. The large pocket stores everything from books and notepads to magazines and tablets. Two front pockets keep smaller items like remotes, phones and headphones close by. The side pocket is perfect for stashing a water bottle so you can always stay hydrated. The really cool thing is that you can easily hide it under the overhang of comforters or blankets when the bed is made.

Fabric Bedside Caddy Organizer with 4 Pockets

Psst. It is absolutely a must for college dorm rooms, kids’ bedrooms, and anyone without access to a nightstand. What better way to keep essentials on hand?

Wow, did I mention how multifaceted these products are? There are plenty of other storage uses that we didn’t cover today. Try them in your house and I promise these won’t disappoint!

mDesign Offers a Variety of Fabric Storage Bins to Organize Your Home in Style

Laura Sirk is a Marketing Manager at mDesign.

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Posted: Jan 27, 2021