Easy Table Setting Ideas

Easy Table Setting Ideas

Entertain this holiday season with ease!

With the holidays upon us, it is time for family gatherings. Yes, family gatherings. Where we can all sit around the table and enjoy each other’s company and have a peaceful dinner together. HA! If it is anything like my family, we love getting together but it might not always be peaceful.

I love to decorate for the holidays and entertain. The thought of putting together a table that screams straight off the Hallmark Movie Channel is #lifegoals for me. But who has time for that? Or better yet, the money? Creating the perfect table centerpiece doesn’t require you put a second mortgage on the house, just a bit of creativity!

Statement Piece

First, you want to get the main attraction. Something tall, but not so clunky that guests can’t talk around it. For me, using a 2- or 3-tier serving stand is perfect. It adds height and is “airy” enough to see all around it. You can add festive ornaments, decorations you have laying around or just place your desserts on there for a quick grab-and-go once dinner is finished. You don’t need to break the bank to fill this bad boy, just some imagination.

Another great way to add some height is our Large Canister Jars. With a height just under 8” you can add some dimension to the table without being bulky. Again, you can fill these things with anything you have around the house. Add dry beans or coffee and place a small votive candle or pinecones from outside! Add in different size jars to polish off your look.

Decorate your holiday table with stylish canister jars from mDesign

Add a Touch of Nature

Like I said in my earlier statement piece section, go outside and find some free decorations! Grab some pinecones to spread around the table or put in jars, or trim off some branches from the pine tree to add a touch of green to the table. Trim some branches from your trees (I usually trim the ones without any leaves or ones that are dead) and place them in a canister jar or tumbler to add additional height to the table. No need to go to fancy box stores. Plus, it will make you feel like Martha Stewart being all crafty and stuff.


Adding a touch of lighting to any table setting is the perfect way to look like you are a professional. There are lots of ways you can add candles. Start by putting down a slate tray and then add candles of different heights. You can get affordable candles almost anywhere. Pick them up throughout the year and just keep some on hand. Another great way to add in lighting ambiance, are mini strand lights. These are perfect in our canister jars or just lay them on the table.

Keep the Kids Entertained

life in my 30s looks a lot different than life in my 20s. now, instead of just having friends or family over we need to think about entertaining the kiddos while we adults can talk in peace. don’t worry – here are some easy-peasy ideas to keep those munchkins entertained for a solid 10 min.

Remember earlier when I said adding a dessert to the table makes an easy centerpiece? Well, the same thing for kids. Just get a bunch of cut out cookies (my local grocery store has these already done in the bakery), frosting, and sprinkles and voila! Not only will they be quiet while decorating, but they will also be quiet while eating. Next, get a big roll of brown paper. This can be easily transformed into the adult table, too! Get some markers, crayons, stickers and let the kids go to town. Use one of these craft storage totes to keep everything organized! They will love the newfound sense of writing on the table.

Plastic Craft & Sewing Storage Organizer Caddy Tote

Finally, head on over to the Target Dollar Spot and pick up a bunch of fun, affordable finds! They are always changing with the seasons and if they only last the night, well, isn’t that the point? And, who doesn’t love an excuse to run to target?

Now, all you need is to invite all your family and friends over and impress them with these quick and easy table setting ideas! Good luck and God speed!

Tis the Season to Host the Perfect Holiday Party with Help from mDesign

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Posted: Nov 18, 2019