Easy DIY Succulents & Gardens

Easy DIY Succulents & Gardens

Bring a little green into your house – green thumb not required!

Creating your own indoor succulent or herb garden is one of the easiest ways to bring a little bit of green into your house. Bonus** You don’t need a green thumb either! It might be hard to get started. Questions like what do I need? How do I start? What kind of potting mix do I use? Which ones are easy-care? No worries, we have your back. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be planting indoor gardens for all of your friends.

Here are the items you are going to need before you start:

  1. Container (s)
  2. Plant (s)
  3. Base: Potting Soil/Decorative rocks, stones or pea gravel
  4. Water

Let’s explore each one of these.


Bamboo Kitchen Food Container Lid Organizer Bin

Round Metal Bathroom Vanity Storage Canister Jar

Bamboo Box Canister Jars
This is a great way to bring in some natural color to your garden. You can use several jars of different sizes or keep them consistent but whatever you do you’ll have fun putting them together

Midcentury Modern Plant and Succulent Stand

Large Household Suction Cup Window Shelf Holder

Plant Stands Window Shelf Holder
Use these stands indoors or outdoors to bring your plants up a “level”. They come in multiple sizes so you can height to any garden. Great for small spaces. Use this window holder in your bedroom to bring color, in the kitchen to add fresh herbs in a pinch. You can add this to any room.

mDESIGN TIP: Make sure you have proper drainage in your containers. Some plants may require adding drainage holes.

Other containers you might want to consider… ladder to hang pots from, rolling carts, old pallets, mason jars, wooden boxes, or if you are handy you can build your own!


Next, think about the size and colors of the plants you want. Pick an indoor plant or herb to be your focal point and then build out from there. Example: I love the color purple so I would start with a purple plant. Like these:

For growing herbs, check out this handy guide of ones that grow well together. This is no wrong answer to which ones you plant. Just go with your gut.


Most herb gardens require just simple potting soil. You can add extra nutrients to the soil, but most store-bought potting mixes already have these added. You want to make sure you have good drainage for the succulents so adding in different decorative rocks helps. You can either buy these from the store or pick some out of your back yard.


Most indoor succulent plants only need a little bit of water every 10-15 days, which is why I LOVE starting with these types of gardens to get my green thumb going. For indoor herb gardens, watering every other day, depending on size of the plant, enough to keep the soil moist to the touch will do the trick. Just make sure your babies have some sunlight and they will be as happy as a clam in high tide!

That’s it! Enjoy the fruits, I mean herbs, of your labor!

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Posted: Sep 17, 2019