DIY Home Coffee Station

DIY Home Coffee Station

National Coffee Day Calls for some at-home coffee inspo!

If you’re as much of a coffee addict as I am, you’ll appreciate a special space designated specifically for your morning pick-me-up. A small corner of your already-utilized kitchen counterspace isn’t always enough room for your coffee maker and all your coffee-related necessities. In honor of National Coffee Day, which I personally deem a very important holiday, here are some ideas and inspiration for creating your very own coffee station.

Metal Wire Kitchen Pantry Food Storage Basket

Whether you’re fresh out of counterspace, living in an apartment with limited room or just simply want to set aside an area specifically for your daily caffeine dose, a portable DIY option may be the way to go. Carts are a trendy, perfect solution to maximizing the use of your space as well as providing the option to rearrange it when necessary. Not to mention – they add character to any home!

One problem many coffee drinkers run into, is where to store all the extra coffee grounds, filters and/or K-cups (if you’re an avid Keurig user, like myself). I’ve filled up an entire cabinet section with just mugs, coffee and sugar packet boxes alone! Baskets, trays and lazy Susan’s are perfect ways to organize lots of items into a small space without clutter or difficulty finding them when needed. Mixing up textures such as metal, wicker and glass/plastic give the cart a unique look when combined, as well.

Glass jars and containers make perfect sugar/stirring stick organizers and you can even include your extra inventory on the bottom shelf in one of a baskets or solid containers. Two or three tier turntables can serve as mug or K-Cup holders that are easy to navigate. A tray is a good option for holding your sugar/stirring stick containers along with a decorative mug or two. Wall-hanging bins with hooks for your favorite mugs are also a great space-efficient option if you want to mix it up and add another eye-catching arrangement above your cart.

There are many ways to design your beverage station to achieve the look you’re going for – whether that be a modern, rustic or farmhouse theme. The below mDesign products are some of my favorites that are versatile in both function and style, that meet all my coffee organization needs mentioned above:

Metal 3-Tier Rolling Laundry Cart Utility Shelf Plastic Kitchen Lazy Susan Turntable Large Metal Wire Wall Mount Storage Shelf

  • Metal 3-Tier Rolling Cart – 3 shelves allow each shelf to hold a different set of items
  • Plastic Lazy Susan Turntable – the turntable makes items easy to navigate, along with being a smart way to organize items in their own arrangement that can be used to carry elsewhere in your home if needed – who doesn’t love a product with multiple uses?!
  • Large Metal Wire Wall Mount – The hooks beneath can hold your mugs, while the shelf above can be used for a plant or other décor along with a coffee-themed photo or even better – more coffee!

Plastic Kitchen Pantry Food Storage Box Natural Woven Seagrass Storage Cube Basket Bins

Multi-Tier Serving Stand, Round Display Tray 3 Drawer Plastic Kitchen Storage Organizer Plastic Storage Canister Jars

Whether you’re trying to make the most of the space in your home or just ready to bring the coffee shop to you, these mDesign products are the perfect place to start. Soon you will have a portable station that suits all your caffeine organization dreams!

Shop the Look: Use decorative canister jars to organize your kitchen with style.

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Posted: Sep 27, 2019