Creating Your At-Home Study Space

Creating Your At-Home Study Space

How to create an organized study space at home

The start of every new school year usually means a trip to the office supply store to get new notebooks, folders, pencils, and everything else you could possibly need. Well, this fall is going to be a very different school shopping experience. As many schools take their classes online for the next school year, there is less of a need for all the different colored notebooks and folders, but instead for items to create an at-home workspace.

When my classes switched to online, I immediately created a portable workspace in my kitchen to do schoolwork. I wanted it to be portable though so I wouldn’t bother my roommates if they needed the kitchen. Some days I also wanted a change of scenery so I would move my study space to my loft. I knew I did not want a study space in my bedroom because it is way too tempting to nap rather than do schoolwork. You know what I am talking about! So, portable was my best option.

To ensure you will be productive and successful, you need to find a place that is comfortable, free from distractions yet also conducive to creativity. Whether at your parents' house or in your college apartment, here are some useful, practical, and fun items to help you create an inspiring workstation.

Let’s start with the MUST HAVES and THINGS TO AVOID:

The Must Haves
  • Proper lighting
  • Easy access charging station
  • A comfortable chair
  • An organized environment
  • Cold bottle of water
The Things to Avoid
  • Access to Netflix & Hulu (too big of a distraction)
  • Silence your phone
  • Messy foods
  • Friends visiting

Next, let’s talk desk organization essentials:

My best advice for you is to make the best out of the space you have. Whether you are sharing spaces with roommates doing online classes, or parents working from home, get creative and make every inch of space count!

Office Desk Organizer and Magazine File Holder Bin 2-Tier Lazy Susan Turntable for Office Storage Small Modern Metal Round Trash Can Garbage Bin

magazine holder bin makes it simple and easy to store notebooks, folders, and books for class. Get them in fun colors to make your workspace a little more vibrant!

Use a Lazy Susan turntable to keep supplies you need often easily accessible and in sight. It is great for highlighters, notecards, sticky notes, and pencils.

A small trash can to have at your feet is perfect! There is no need to get up and it keeps you on track. Coordinate the color with other items in your workspace!

Wall Mount Entryway Key and Letter Holder / Mail Sorter - 2 Sections Plastic Home Office Desk Organizer Bin Felt Entryway Hanging Storage Organizer Mail Holder with Mirror

Hanging shelving with hooks is “key” to not losing your keys! Place one above the desk or near the door so they can be easily located.

Metal wire storage baskets are great for any calculators, staplers, or envelopes. Pick a metal finish to complement your other storage items.

Large plastic storage bins with handles makes it simple to pack up your items and move to a different work area or put away for the day. They keep everything nice and organized and make for simple storage.

And last, but not least, this felt hanging organizer. It is a must for any cool study nook! It’s not only fun but it’s functional. It can hold letters, mail, magazines, sunglasses, bills, appointment cards, and more, all in one spot. This fun piece will add some style to your storage and complement your room!

Although going back to school means doing homework, it doesn’t have to be a drag. Schedule times for study breaks and get up and walk around! Don’t forget to schedule a little time to look at your phone! Now is the perfect time to design a portable space that is personalized for you!

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Posted: Jul 14, 2020