Cosmetic Cleanup and Organization Tips

Cosmetic Cleanup and Organization Tips

How to wrangle your makeup

I have some exciting news! I found my huge box of misplaced makeup I lost in our move a few weeks ago! Can you believe it? The movers didn’t lose the China I never use, or my husband’s golf clubs. Nope - they lost my precious and most valuable prized possession: ALL of my makeup and skin-care products.

I, unfortunately, scared my co-workers by having to go work for three days looking like the natural beauty I am not! I clung to the hope that at any minute I would stumble upon my Holy Grail of facial goodies, but nothing. So, inevitably, I had to stop at the local drug store and stock up on a few of the “essentials”: liquid eyeliner, mascara, lipstick, moisturizer…a cool hundred plus dollars later, wouldn’t you know it, there it was!

The box, incorrectly marked as “Christmas Decorations,” turned up in our garage! It’s August, so that discovery probably would have never been made if my clumsy friend hadn’t dropped an entire open bucket of paint on the garage floor! Paint splattered everywhere, and there, sitting in a pool of light gray paint, sat the mismarked box. Ugh. Having to remove the contents from the soaked cardboard box into another container, I made the discovery. As I opened the paint drenched box, I could have sworn I heard a loud “Hallelujah” emerging from the sky. All of my stuff, the blush, shadow pallets, hair care products, and the creams and lotions. They were all there, finally!

But didn’t I mention earlier that I had already bought a trough of new stuff? I sure did. Now, I REALLY had more stuff than I knew what to do with. How was I ever going to corral all of these goodies into a nice orderly space? I did it by using mDesign’s cosmetic organization product line. Choosing gray as my color of choice (it’s 50 shades of gray up in here), I started the arduous process of putting every item in its place.

What I used to create my makeup masterpiece:

Divided Plastic Makeup Cosmetic Storage Organizer 6S Vanity Cosmetic Makeup Organizer 4 Tier Cosmetic, Nail Polish Storage Holder Rack
2 Drawer Plastic Makeup Cosmetic Storage Organizer Large Plastic Bathroom/Vanity Makeup Storage Caddy Tote Bin Wide Plastic Makeup Cosmetic Storage Caddy with 2 Drawers

Each of these pieces were essential to accessibility and visibility of my cosmetics and cosmetic utensils. Even though I have more than I need as far as makeup goes (well that depends who you ask), I enjoy the non-cluttered look and ease of use.

What I learned from this experience? Even a catastrophe can lead to improved outcomes. Hallelujah!

Joyce Colovas is a content writer at mDesign
and an avid lover of all things fun and fabulous!

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Posted: Sep 19, 2019