Baby Clothes Organization Hacks

Baby Clothes Organization Hacks

Life is crazy with a baby learn how to organize and store their clothes and accessories with these easy tips!

Baby Clothes Organization. Does your life feel like a complete mess with the endless baby clothes, accessories, and necessities that come along with a baby? If you are anything like me, you probably had no idea how to start organizing these baby clothes in some sort of order. By color? By size? 3M vs. 3 – 6 M (what is the difference??) By season? Do you hang items or store them in drawers? Don’t even get me started-on weight sizing. I need a step-by-step guide, please. They don’t call it Mommy Brain because you get smarter – you are now solely responsible for taking care of a tiny human. There are so many thoughts running through your mind.

What. Is. The. Best? The saying is true, after your first kid you become an expert in all thing’s kids – HA! Well, I may not be an expert, but I did make a lot of mistakes and I know a lot more now than I did when I was pregnant. Sit back and enjoy knowing that you won’t have to make the same mistakes as I did. You may even feel a bit smarter for it.

So, let me just outline some mistakes:

  • Figure out if you like to hang or fold first. I did both and LOTS of cute things where missed. I was so used to going into her drawer for onesies, that I forgot I hung up anything. Mommy brain?
  • Don’t try to get all crazy about size. 3 months vs. 3-6 months. Put these together. I ended up putting it in the next size, 6 months, and by the time I got there, she was too big for these pieces.
  • Take all the free clothes you can get. Use them for daycare or playing outside or eating – my kid hated bibs, so she was always a mess after eating, thus, staining a lot of adorable outfits. If you don’t use them, you can always donate to a mom in need.
  • Folding – you can KonMari as much as you like, but kid’s clothes are tiny and hard to fold.
    • Onesies: I just folded in half so I could see if there was a cute saying or image to spark my memory.
    • Pants: Again, just folded in half and then sorted by “jeans,” solid colors, patterns, short/skirts.
    • Shirts: I organized like I did the pants; short sleeve, long sleeve and sweatshirts. I folded like the onesies, just in half with the front showing.
    • Sleep Sacks: GAME CHANGER – get yourself a ton of these. There are a lot of different styles and brands, find one you like and get 5 (because I don’t keep up with my laundry). I folded these in half lengthwise and then in half widthwise and called it a day.
    • Washcloths & Burp Cloths: I rolled these! Much better than folding and easier to grab.
    • Sheets: Don’t even try.
    • Blankets: This was the gift of choice for a lot my friends and I ended up with like, 50. I just folded in half lengthwise and then thirds, Like the KonMari method.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help. This goes beyond clothes storage :)

Now, on to the fun stuff! Here are some of my organization must-haves. I couldn’t live without.

Large Plastic Baby/Kids Storage Organizer Caddy Tote 1 Plastic Baby Caddy
This Tote is the perfect nursery or kid’s room accessory. There are 6 divided sections that allow you to organize and separate items for easy handling. You can hold brushes, combs, clippers, dippers, wipes, diaper rash cream or any other essential that you need to keep handy. We all know how those nighttime diaper changes can be. Use the portable handle to move this tote and take with you to the bedroom, bathroom, living room or anywhere that you require an extra hand. I kept it on my diaper changing station as its home base.
2 Fabric Hanging Organizer Tall Fabric Hanging Closet Organizer Storage
When my kid was first born, I washed everything and folded it, put it in drawers by ages (0-3, 3-6, 6-9). As much as I tried to keep everything organized and together, I still found myself going through drawers and unearthing clothes I forgot. If I would have had this closet organizer, my life would have been so much easier. I mean, you don’t use the baby closet for anything else – their clothes are too tiny! Take advantage of this unique storage solution.
Compact Plastic 3 Drawer Baby/Kid Storage Organizer 3 3-Drawer Storage Organizer
If you are anything like me, you have a million things for your kids (pacis/binkies, teethers, headbands, bows – like my child will ever wear bows) and when you need them you can never find them. You know you just put it on the dresser right before you picked up the baby and now POOF, gone. Well, this 3-Drawer Storage Organizer will help you with that. It’s compact and can sit on the dresser or go inside a cabinet in the bathroom. With the clear drawers, you can easily see what is in there and time is precious at 3 AM when you need that extra pacifier to get them quiet, amiright? This can also go in your medicine cabinet to help organize and store band-aids, thermometers, syringes, rash creams – all the fun stuff.
4 5-Dresser with Cubby Kids/Childrens Dresser Cabinet Storage Organizer Unit
This dresser has been a lifesaver for this tired mama. It was quick and easy to assemble – didn’t even need my hubby’s help! And adds a bit of pizazz to my baby girl’s closet. I wanted something that I could put away clothes, toys, accessories, blankets odds and ends that I am going to acquire and not sure if I should throw them out. The bigger drawers helped with blankets, bedding and even storing the diaper bag. The smaller ones helped with baby socks and shoes, but the ideas are endless.
Kids Fabric Closet, Dresser Drawer Storage Organizer Bins 5 Dresser Drawer Organizers
OK, OK, here me out. Remember above when I said that I organized my pants in colors? Well, this was the reason I could keep it that way. It was easy to wash and then separate the clothes to put back. It takes a little bit of time to set up, do it during your nesting period! They come in many different colors and sizes so you can fit it in your dresser perfectly.

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Posted: Aug 14, 2019