5 Steps to Declutter Your Bedroom

5 Steps to Declutter Your Bedroom

Sleep is such a vital part of our life, taking up on average 1/3 of our lives. Not only is it lovely to curl up for some zzz's, it is necessary for our physical and mental health. Stress, diet, and schedules can easily derail our nightly slumber, but did you know a messy room could as well? Anything that can distract us and pull focus has the potential to hijack our brain's normal sleep cycles. The sleep experts from SleepHelp.org walk us through 5 easy steps to declutter the bedroom and help potentially improve our sleep.

Clutter brings anxiety, and it seems to breed and grow while you’re not looking. We’ve got five steps to help get clutter under control along with a plan to keep it away long term.

Throughout the process, we suggest keeping either two bags or boxes with you. Label one “throw” and one “donate.” As you’re working your way through the bathroom, closet, and under the bed, you’ll fill these boxes faster than you think. However, sorting as you go will save you time in the end.

Step 1: Nightstands

Nightstands are the last thing you see each night and the first thing you see when your eyes open. They’re also magnets for papers, books, hairbands, and anything else you have with you when you get into bed. Sort through everything on the nightstand, throw away trash, and rehome those items that don’t belong in the bedroom.

Organize everything you have left. If you have books, a journal, lotion, and photos, consider buying a nightstand with closed shelving. It will keep everything organized but hide the clutter behind closed doors. Think about what other storage solutions you can use here like drawer organizers, cups or bowls for jewelry, and bookends for the avid reader.

Step 2: Clear Out Under the Bed

The bed should look and feel inviting, but boxes and shoes bulging out from underneath won’t cut it. Pull everything out and sort through it with your throw and donate boxes nearby. Just like you did with the nightstand, organize everything that’s left. Under-bed storage bins with or without wheels give you extra space for seasonal clothes, pillows, or extra shoes.

Fabric Under Bed Storage Organizer Bag, Clear Zippered Lid

Step 3: Organize Counter Tops

En suite bathrooms are the best, but the countertops quickly get filled with q-tips, cotton balls, and toothpaste. Drawer organizers, glass or plastic containershanging shelves and towel hooks are all ways to better utilize the space you have. Don’t forget to sort under the sink and in the linen closet. Group items together by size or use. And remember, when everything has a place, it’s easier to keep clutter from coming back.

Step 4: Dive Into the Closet

If you haven’t worn or used it in a year, you probably don’t need it. Donate items that still have life left and throw away the t-shirt you’ve been meaning to mend for the last three years.

Tailor your storage solutions to your specific needs. Some people need shoe storage, while others need to organize hats, ties, and belts. Closet organizers with adjustable shelving and inserts for shoes and accessories give you some customizable options. Because, again, if everything has a place, clutter is less likely to accumulate.

Step 5: Devote 30 Minutes Per Week to Clutter Control

By this point, you’ve done the majority of the work. The final step is to keep up with clutter control. Commit to thirty minutes of decluttering in the bedroom per week. That’s only five minutes per day six days a week. Pick up the dirty clothes, put your shoes away, and clear off your nightstand. We also suggest making your bed every morning. No matter how well you declutter, a messy bed will always make the room look sloppy.


A good cleaning and the right organization can change the whole look and feel of your bedroom. Commit to a cleaner bedroom, and make it your oasis. Once the clutter is gone, you may have a hard time leaving.

This blog has been posted with permission from sleephelp.org. For more information, check out  their blog.
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Posted: Apr 16, 2020