3 Fun Ways to Celebrate National Pumpkin Day

3 Fun Ways to Celebrate National Pumpkin Day

Bring autumn into your home with these festive pumpkin ideas!

Did you know October 26th is National Pumpkin Day?! Nothing is as quintessentially fall as the pumpkin. From baking to crafts, Halloween to Thanksgiving, when isn’t a pumpkin a perfect addition? They come in all different sizes, varieties, and colors but nothing is as memorable as that vivid orange. This year celebrate National Pumpkin Day by grabbing your gourds and having some fun.

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Visit a Pumpkin Patch

The first step to any project is to collect the supplies. Well, this time, picking up supplies can be half the fun! Head out to a nearby pumpkin patch to find your perfect match! Since these are outdoors, they’re the perfect activity during COVID. Kids will have a blast PLUS many places also offer goodies like apple cider, turnovers, and cookies. YUM!

Visit a Pumpkin Patch for Fun with the Whole Family

Prepare Pumpkin Delicacies

It’s pumpkin spice season in your local coffee shop, but rather than just enjoying it in your drink, grab the pumpkins you picked up earlier and head into the kitchen! Pumpkins are versatile (and DELICIOUS) in the kitchen. I am a sucker for a slice of warm pumpkin bread. Most people associate pumpkin pie with Thanksgiving (or is that just my family?), but trust me, everyone will be thanking you for this sweet treat all season long.

Want to get your kids involved? Roasting fresh pumpkins seeds is a great activity for any kid who likes to get a bit messy! Follow the printable recipe below to get started. If you manage not to eat them all in one sitting, store your homemade seeds in these airtight canisters.

Roasted Pumpkin Seed Recipe Card

Whatever you decide to bake this pumpkin day, do it like a pro with these cooking utensils and keep decorative kitchen towels on hand for easy clean up.

Pumpkin-fy Your Home

Pumpkins and gourds are a great way to decorate your home for autumn. We’ve all seen pumpkins sitting out on the front stoop, but what else can you do with them? There are so many different options depending on how over-the-top you like to make your seasonal decorating. To start, try spicing (pumpkin spice-ing… get it?) up your mudroom or entryway by placing larger pumpkins on or next to a bench or table. Next place smaller gourds and felted decorative pumpkins around your home – try adding them to wall shelves or fill a fruit bowl to create a table centerpiece.

Entryway Bench with 3 Woven Baskets Decorate for Fall with 4 Shelf Round Metal and Wood Wall Mount Storage Organizer

Rolling carts are great tools for seasonal decorating. The multiple tiers allow you to create a stylish masterpiece that everyone will be talking about (over zoom). Then simply roll it into a corner or wherever it looks best. The best part? This structure is versatile for every holiday and season, and when not causing a decorative splash, wheel it into a craft room or kitchen for extra storage!

If you still have some holes, try complementing your pumpkins with colorful mums! Woven baskets and metal tubs add extra class to your flowers without any re-planting work needed. Simply slip the whole pot in!

Use a 3 Tier Metal Household Storage Cart for Trick or treating Candy Decorate in Fall with Flowers in a Metal Tub Holder with Handles

Now are you ready for National Pumpkin Day?

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Posted: Oct 21, 2020