What’s Your Home Organization Style?

What’s Your Home Organization Style?

Take this Fun Quiz to Find Out!

At mDesign, we believe an organized home is a happy home. No matter where you are in your home organization journey, we’ve got everything you need to create the storage solutions that work best for you and your lifestyle. This quiz is just for fun, but it might give you some insight into your organizing style — enjoy!

  1. If someone opened your bedroom closet, they’d see:
    1. An avalanche of clothes, shoes, and accessories falling on their head
    2. Clothes you never wear — the clothes you actually wear are piled on a chair by the bed
    3. Shirts, slacks, jackets, and shoes organized by color and season
    4. Suitcases — you’re rarely home long enough to unpack

  2. Which TV show describes your kitchen/pantry organizing style?
    1. Lost – you can never find what you’re looking for!
    2. Home Improvement – you’ve got a system but it could use an upgrade
    3. The Good Place — there’s no clutter in heaven
    4. Downton Abbey — What is a kitch-en?

  3. Describe your entertaining style:
    1. Chips on the counter, dip in the fridge —help yourself!
    2. Party platter from the local grocery store
    3. A rose gold foiled grazing table flanked by sweet and savory charcuterie boards
    4. You don’t entertain; you are entertained

  4. Your bathroom is:
    1. A hellscape of clutter
    2. A hub for a busy family
    3. A well-organized, spa-like oasis
    4. Which one? I have 27

Mostly A’s: We totally get it; life can be really hectic sometimes. Whether you’re new to home organization or you’ve tried and failed a thousand times to get your house in order, mDesign has the solutions you need to keep every room in your home organized and clutter-free.

Mostly B’s: Your home is functional and you’ve got an organizing method that works for you —kinda. mDesign has storage and organization solutions to help you maintain what’s working and improve what’s not.

Mostly C’s: Bravo! Your home is your haven and you’ve got a knack for organization. You’re probably already familiar with mDesign products because we design top-selling storage and organizing solutions that professional organizers and enthusiasts like you love.

Mostly D’s: You are definitely one of a kind — and we love it! At mDesign, we make products that work together to create customized storage and organization solutions as unique as you are.

Hope you enjoyed this lighthearted look at home organization – Happy organizing!

Lisa Langford is a Senior Copywriter at mDesign

How do you stay organized? We’d love to hear your story!
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Jun 16th 2022 Lisa Langford, Senior Copywriter

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